Focus On Losing Body Fat – Not Weight

The main purpose is always to lose and keep body fat low . its not easy to but simple not that complicated , our body symmetry changes because of so many things – like aging , poor nutrition , bad enviroments , toxic relationships al  those factors contribute to how you will age and your body image .

Every training programme has the capacity to influence the body for a short  time period and it depends on your mindset ,The best diet is the one that focus on your own individual nutritional  balance . ,any training or diet will shock  your system in the beginning  but the question is how do you proceed .

Well , i think i know the answer . For you lose body fat , you must constantly challenging your body . , im probably   the only person who will tell you that losing fat is not easy , its hard work but very rewarding . Everything fall apart when your body fall  apart .

The first  rule is to take care of yourself and have some pleasure in your life . According to warren buffet trusim , to make money you must first survive .most of us who stay lean and  lose fat have their piorities  firmer  as vague diet and nutritional  programm that doesnt support your life .

We want  to be more beautiful and more graceful , not to look 10 years older than our actuall age which  is heartbreaking when i see people . Beauty fro me is a way of life so is discipline to maintain healthy   habits healthy ego which makes s losing fat a lot easier .

Nobody like to hang around a  fat  overweight person because people dont feel excited  around this people . .  So imagine yourself losing just  in a different body image when you focus on losing fat not weight .

You lose fat by eating less and constantly challenging the body .

Thanks for reading

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