Worry Is An Addiction

Worry is an addiction and many people are addicted to this including me . Thou i dont seems to worry that much until people bring their worry to me . All my tennis year  has helped me to channel my worry into something positive .Thou we have to worry if our child dont retuned home on time and those are the worry we can do something about

When things are going well or when you feeling particularly good , you can always bring yourself down by manufacturing a stream of  worry thoughts , Once you brought  yourself down by worrying , its very tempting  to inflict those thoughts on others . Honestly   speaking most people dont even realise that worry is a sing of addiction .

Sometimes  when you feel down , you need to be careful who you talk to because their worry might be bigger than yours . Worry disturb positive feelings of flow and all i know is preparation beat worry . Worry is a restriction of energy in the body  so is complaint and defensives there are upper limit problem that will stop you from ultimate success  in life .

I once coached a clients who worried a lot . it took a lot of work from my side to make her realise that worry is manufacture  in her thought and  is not allowing her to see good things  that is happening  in her life .    Ive come to realised that worrying  thought seems to choke me so i develop an action practise that whenever i caught my thoughts , i  let go of the worry thoughts and i dont  share it with anyone .

Have you noticed that the more you share negative thoughts the more uit travelled and become more negative .  Worry is an upper limit problems .

I also focus on the positive things that want to come through . So make it a daily practise to spot your worry thought and positive  things will start  to flow in your life

With Love



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