Dumping The Ideal Worker Is Good For Your Health

You cannot be miserable and perform but most stupid bosses and managers don’t get this, if you care about your employees health then ideal worker system need to be dumped. The rate in which employees become stressed, obese and overweight is too high. Most people work in an environment that does not influence creativity.

Working in an ideal worker place that doesn’t understand you, will lead to hormonal cortisol, anxiety, and chronic stress. A research paper from Penn State University stated they took saliva from hotel workers and their families and found that cortisol acts like a contagion and can be spread to a stressed out worker’s spouse and even his or hers children.

Too much cortisol can lead to a weakened immune system, depression, obesity and cardiovascular disease. People who work for ideal managers sleep less than people who work for open and flexible managers – and they have better performance.

You need to understand that the managers are the ones who don’t get it, they need to be trained. Sadly in my thinking, they need to get rid of them and replace with an open-minded happier manager. When you work with a manager that gets it, you sleep better and will be happier at work.

Managers are the ones who need to get it.

Drop me a comment if you need help structuring with performance at work and at home.

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