Practise Prevention Will Boost Immunity

The big paper in my kitchens says  discipline equal  action  and this remind me every day that practise  simple  discipline  compounds to a bigger succcess . The important of eating well and working out regularly can be under estimated , Poor  minded people have a lot of excuses why they can t eat well or workout . The less you workout , the brain become poor ans this make it easier for predator to catch you .

We dont need a superior level of fitness that allows you to deadlift 100 kg or stuff like that – the better shape you are in and the healthier your diet and exercise routine . The higher quality sleep you get the better off you will be in the long run to avoid sickness all together .

Remember  no one is perfect but daily  activities will always get you ahed of everyone . One thing you dont want to neglect is your health and your well being . Stop spending time on a social media go out there and take i walk in the wood , talk to your neighbour , smile often and stop being needy .. All these will add to your health in the long run .

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