Feel Good First

We read stories about how our favourites personalties obtain success . They talk of working long hours into the night and forgetting  to eat meals , although  you have to change what you spend your  time  on and habits – your health should never take a back seat  when most run into some kind of obstacles their health will take the back burner and this is really wrong .  Then they feel a lot worse and the problems compounds .

I dont have time , im too tired , i havent gathered money , this are all the common excuses people  make for themselves . When feel good i increase my personal power , self will and digestion and all these contribute to mental clarity . As a former athlete my world revolves around my health so i guess im lucky to have this early discipline in my life but i have to constantly  working at it .

Feeling good first mean you will maintain physical and mental health and malfunction means you are illl . For normal people that are not athlete , it means  being a better boss, manger , student , mother or what ever you are or planning to become . . If you feel good , you will play good and if you play good they pay good .

So take care of yourself and you will get that big payday .

About Victoria Boer

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