Stress Relief Depression And Reasons To Take Cold Shower

Stress is part of life and its a sign that we need to do something about certain thing to imrove , cope and move ahead . Here are few strategies that really works at least for me . I love to rel;ief stress without compromising my brain or body .Ive conducted this experiment on myself for about 6 weeks and here are my result .

Take 5 mins cold shower before breakfast or before bed . – it relaxes the brain and improve oxidation in the body , Use hot water for about 1- 2 mins , then step out of the water range and apply shampoo . Turn the water to pure cold and rinse your head and face alone . Then turn around and back into the water . Maintain this position for about 2to 3 mins

You can gradually increase the amount of time you spent in the shower .

Cold water also improves immunity – It also serves as an effective treatment  for depression , one study used shower at 68 degree for 2 to 3 mins proceed by a five mins , gradual adaptation   to make the procedure less shocking .

You burn more fat – Ive experienced  that when im exposed to cold – it increases my level of circulating .

Tools – You can get a cold pack wrap used in physical therapy clinic or get some ice cube from a local store . . You will exeperienced  the different in your mood when practising daily

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