The Problem With Dieting

Dieting  is an expression of a poor mindset because its an act of a suppression that doesnt last longer . Poor thinking is always about short term .The science suggest that when we outlaw a food , we increase desire . . Dieting has been a long standing  issue in our society and many people still believe thats what  they have to turn to as a method of losing weight

Dieting actually does a lot of harm to the dieters . Your pretty personal trainer should have advised you against that , but sadly most of them are too uneducated for that simple wisdom . Dieting is a better way to gain weight  than to lose it .

Dieting also tend to raises blood pressure and unhealthy cholesterol levels , suppresses the immune system and increase the risk of heart attack , stroke , and diabeties and all cause mortality . Science  also suggest that restricting a food automatically increase your desire for it .

The practical and save  approach is not to restrict but enjoy simple attitude towards food . food  is not a reward or punishment  but a trophy for life . Consult with a nutritionist  to understand which food work for you and food to avoid . Overall please dont diet

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  1. fabstuffblog says:

    I agree. Let’s just eat cake and be done with it. 🙂

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