What Mothers Should Know – Loving

A stressful mothers is an unloving mother . Mothers need  a support system to be loving and the western society  has deprived lots of mothers fro being lovable , i mean  its extremely hard to be lovely   if you are not loving  to yourself .  Every body is brought up in a pattern ans so you long for happiness  .  Attachement is  involve .

Some mothers are going to kill me when reading this blog . According to OSHO – – Just being a bilogical mother is not enough – as i said its not easy being a mother – to be a mother not just to reproduce , to be a mother means a great training , a great inner discipline ,one has to be lovable .

If the mother is lovable then the child will  love without any attachment . . And whenever he will find someone lovable  , he will love . . Most mothers and fathers are not lovable because they have never thought in that terms .

For love to happens , you have to create it , you have  to become it , you have to grow , only then you can create love in others . It cannot be demanded because love is a quality .

I have  a lot of respect and love for the mothers i know because they keep growing .

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