Avoid Pain – Tips For Learning Exercise Properly

What im sayinh here is to avoid pain during any exercise movement – pain is a signal and indicator that you lack adequate mobilty and movement in that area . Most poeple dont get better from exercise but full of injuries that will eventually stopped them from exercise on the long run . .

For example swelling might indicate tissue overuse or strain  from poor mechanics . There are basic rule to exercise like warm up properly before engaging in any exercise . When teaching any movement pattern , its critical to avoid pain . Pain does not guranteed success , it actually  stopped you from learning .

The attitude of no gain no pain should be avoided at all cost . poor habits and poor way of learning  result to adaptation error . Im the discipline person that bring dicipline into the mind of my clients to educate them in a proper way get them a better result as are reading this blog to benefits .

Pain also inhibit the nervous system and weaken any muscles crossing the weight bearing joint . The best wat to avoid pain is to pay attention to the movement  of the client and stop whenever you experience pain during exercise and highlight the dysfunction and work on the restricted area or consult with a very good physical  therapist .

You can get the body you want with minimize ache and injury prevention . You can start with a good warm up and cool down , mobilisation of the body for 10 mins before exercise to release the tissue  from the restricted area .


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