Food For Sex And Muscle

You need to eat well to improve muscles and sex . You can eat anything you wnat in your 20s and no problem but as you age , your food must be adjusted but men and women still eat chips  ,fried , too much coffe basicallly all the food that kills your sex life and muscles growth . Modern  men are too stressed to enjoy life . .

The good news is that there is still an evidence that modern humans are still biological designated to benefits from a hunter gathered naturally rich in high fat foods . good quality foods help men to build orgarnic muscles that contribute to potency and ability to cope with stress .

Muscles are not easy to build as you grow , but its possible with certain food such as nuts , seed , meat , eggs , because these has been regarded as enhancing foods .In the body , fats play a complex role that involve in the ability to generate energy . cope with sress , and better survive . The abilty to endure stress and hardship has kept human alive during difficulkt conditions that involve physical danger and famine .

When you consume  fats  it build the body mechanism and protect the brain from flee and make a better choices and decisoin because stress coping is so vital for success and well being . There is no need to get bunch of suplements   to build  muscles or activate sex but consuming essential fats that will work and make you alive .

As im typing this blog , my mind goes to people that still asked me questions  bout consuming the essential fats thinking it will make them fats . The good news is it wont its actually  the opposite . This platform is to educate  and add values and thats why im still writting   the blog . Also to improve my communication .

To your life live well .


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