How To Deal With Anxiety

A very good virtual mentor of mine has a phrase: “Actions beat anxiety” and I say: “Discipline equals freedom”. All psychologists in the world will not help if we don’t take personal responsibility to change and do the work. Feeling anxious all the time is a sign of chronic stress and it needs to be dealt with in a pragmatic approach.

The first thing you want to do is quit being lazy. Whenever I mention this to my clients, they get offended – doing lots of things does not mean that you are not being lazy, I’m referring to doing the right thing which takes discipline, and this is the root of anxiety for many people.

  • PREPARATION – Preparing in advance is one of the best coping mechanisms for dealing with anxiety. Plan your week in advance and plan your days early. wake up before everyone else does and do a few things that will push you ahead. If I wake up 30 minutes later than my regular time, it has a negative effect on my day.
  • STRUCTURE – Work on a structure that works for you. I usually work from 6am to 2pm. then reward myself with talking to a good friend or taking a walk or playing golf; this allows me to work harder because I’ve already done my greatest work in the morning. The world is structured to make you obedient, but you need to plan your own way to reduce anxiety and early death.
  • COMMITIMENT – Commit to doing fewer things daily, and not many things; then you can get better and reduce anxieties.
  • GET OUTSIDE – Outside activities help bring in the clear thinking, and a better circadian rhythm for a good night sleep.  You know the saying, “A good night’s sleep reduces anxiety.” Talk to someone that nourishes you, not people that drains you.

If you have found this article useful, then please share it with someone dealing with overwhelming anxiety. Thank you.




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