How To Deal With Anxiety

A very good virtual mentor of mine has a phrase – actions beat anxiety  and i says dsicipline equal freedom . All pyscologist in the world will not help if we dont change and do the work . Feeling  anxious all the time is a sign of chronic stress and it needs to be dealt with in a  pragamtic approach .

The first  thing you want to do is quit being lazy . – When ever i mentions this to my clients , they get offended – doing lots of things does not mean that you are not being lazy , im reffering to doing the right  thing which takes discipline and this is the root of anxiety for many people .

PREPARATION – Prepare in advance  is one of the best  copping mechanism for dealing with anxiety . Plan your week in advance and plan your days early . wake up before everyone do fews thing that will push you ahed , If i wake up 30 mins late , it have a negative effects on my day .

STRUCTURE – Work on a structure that works for you . I usually work from 6am to 2pm . then reward myself with talking  to a good friend  or taking walk ot playing golf and this allows me to work harder because ive already done my hard work in the morning . The world is structure  to make you obedience  but you need to plan your own way to reduce anxiety and early death .

COMMITIMENT  – Commit to few things daily , not many things , Then you get better and also reduce anxieties .

GET OUTSIDE -Outside activities help bring in the clear thinking , a better circadian rythm  for a good night sleep .  You know the say , good night night sleep reduce anxiety . Talk to someone that nourish you not people that drains you .

If you find this article useful = please share it with someone dealing with overwhelming anxiety .




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