My Top Ten Lessons In 2018

The lessons we learn is to keep us focused and growing. Well this year has been a rollercoaster and exposed me to things I don’t consider a big deal until other people turn it into a bigger one. Which brings me to the number one lesson…

  1. Discipline and Structure – What I realised is that people that are not disciplined also lack self-belief in themselves and other people. It’s a great lesson to know that when dealing with people from relationships, business clients, and even children – my own discipline must be constantly in check.
  2. Investing in People – Means I need to grow out of my comfort zone to learn more and add more value to the people around me. So, I bring the energy focus, I mean intense focus to the people around me.
  3. Environment and Partner – In October I attended several workshops and events which were attended by smart and passionate people; being among these people inspired me to elevate my game and make me a better person. Remember if you are in an environment where you constantly need to prove yourself, then it will impair your growth. You need to be around people who challenge you, not who defend their actions.
  4. Re-invention – I realised I must keep on evolving – once you are doing this you don’t need to worry about the trend. Nobody likes to say the same thing all the time, no one likes boredom, and everyone wants stability and variety.
  5. Study Failures – I don’t usually study failures but only success, but my failures have taught me not to be arrogant because when I did, I regretted it. So, don’t be a jerk, respect anyone and you will have less problems; just not the ones who purposely want to put you down.
  6. Learn to be Discreet – It’s good to be open minded but I’ve learnt to be discreet about my goals – you never know the energy that will attacking it. A wise man keeps its mouth shut.
  7. Silence –   The more silence, the better I become. I found in silence, I found most answers.
  8. Glute Work – This is the best innovation ever regarding training, looking awesome and having amazing sex. You want to incorporate glute training into your training program, don’t take my word for it just give it a shot.
  9. Action Beats Worry – I picked up the habit of taking an action if I started to worry about things.
  10. Getting Rid of My Credit Card – Was awesome!  I learnt to become more relentless and less a victim of neediness.

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