Self Care — You Will Thank Yourself Later

Getting older doesn’t have to suck. self-care means keeping yourself in fantastic health inside and out. it also means you have bigger capacity for the loved ones because you don’t want to get old and suck. Self-care also reflects your inner beauty and wisdom. Aging doesn’t mean giving up and accepting decay.

Sometimes I look around and think to myself: “What do you mean 40+ is supposed to look and feel like?” Now let me guess, getting older means you are most likely going to be tired, forgetful and out of touch, overweight and out of shape, inflexible and ache all the time. Experience hair loss and grey hair, dealing with sagging and wrinkled skin.

I’m none of the above, in fact I’m the opposite.

I’m still full of energy, enthusiasm and getting stronger, and it’s always good feedback when people look at me and say: “Whoa! You are well maintained!” There is also a sense of pride and self-worth that come along with caring for and about yourself. This is your body we are talking about, your one and only one. It’s the house you live in.

Caring for yourself doesn’t mean you have to spend all your life doing it, its actually very simple habits practised daily. Like getting a good night’s sleep, and not going to bed angry.

  • Ease Inflammation – Its chronic inflammation that leaves us looking and feeling older. There is a lot of internal and external factors that cause it. A good night sleep it turns out helps to reduce inflammation in the body.
  • Make your metabolism work – Its simple, no processed food.
  • Strong Arm Your Stress – Turn your stress in different directions; stress can come in many forms, work with a psychologist to help figure out the bottom of your emotional stress because that’s the biggest killer. Also lack of sleep, long hours, and travelling can have a major impact and increase ageing.

By turning your stress in the right direction, by eating right, exercising right, adapting your mindset to best manage your stress, and avoiding physical trauma and environmental chemicals as much as possible; you too can look fantastic as you age.

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