Self Care — You Will thank yourself Later

Getting older doesnt  have to suck . self care means  keeping yourself in fantastic health inside and out . it also maens you have bigger capacity for the loved ones . you dont want to get old and suck .Self care also reflects  your inner beauty and wisdom . Aging doesnt meant giving up and accept decay .

Sometimes i look around and think  what do you mean  over 40 plus is supposed to look and feel like ?  Now let me guess , getting older means you are most likely going to be Tired, forgetful and out of touch , overweight and out of shape, inflexible and ache all the time , Experience hair loss and gray hair , Dealing with sagging and wrinkle skin . Im none of the above infact , im opposite .

Im still full of energy , enthuthiasm  and getting stronger and its always a good feed back when people look at me and say , whao you are well maintained . There is also sense of pride and self worth that come along with caring for and about yourself . This is your body we are talking about , your one and only one . its a house you live in .

Caring for yourself doesnt  mean  you have to spend all your life doing it ., its actually very simple habits practise daily .  like getting a good night sleep , – dont go to bed angry –

Ease Inflammation – – Its chronic inflammation that leave us looking and feeling older  . There is a lot of internal and  external factors that cause it . A good night sleep turns out to reduce inflammation in the body .

Make  your metabolism work –  Its simple , no processed food .

Strong Arm Your Stress – Turn your stress into different direction stress can come in many form , work with a phscology to help figure out the bottom of your emotional stress because thats the most killer . Also lack of sleep , long hours , travelling  can have a major impact and increase aging .

Turning your stress into the right direction  by eating right , exercising right , and adapting your mindset to best manage your stress and avoiding phsical trauma and environ mental chemicals  as much as possible .  You can look fantastic as you age .


About Victoria Boer

Meet Victoria who has helped hundreds of women & men to shift fat from their abs, hips and butts!
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