The pain Of Expressing Our Needs Versus Not Expressing Our Needs

Most of us has not t been taught on how to express  our  needs also most of us has never been taught to think in terms of our needs , I can recall many  time that i think a friend or my mom should  automatically  understand my  needs and  when she  doesnt  i have a build of anger compounded inside me .  .

As i started learning how to communicate , things get  easier thou im a very direct person in term of saying what i need but this time around without violent . Most times  when we talk about what we need rather than want , we tend to get what  we want . There is a huge different between  needs and making a request .

We need to express what we need rather than talking about what is wrong .  , and the moment we do that , the possibilty  of finding ways to meet everybody  need will be greatly increase .  It takes a lot of practise to learn how to express  our needs and when we dont we feel great pain in our heart .

Another pain is we are oftned  judge mostly by identiying and reveal our needs . i guess thats the reason people tend to hide their needs and feelings .Most people are full of anger because their needs has not  been met ,  If we dont value our needs , other may not either

The more we acknowledge  and value each others feelings and need the more we come together  and build a loving relatioships . I communicate my needs this days in a various  ways without the needs to compromise but by becoming more aware of other peoples needs too .



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