Education Is Freedom

When people talks about education  , there are probably  talking about people who spends lots of  time in academic world or who says only the free cab be educated and , but rather the lovers of wisdom who says that only the educated are free – epiciteus  Discources .

We all have a special knowledge  we aqquire in school can get grades , what is explainable and academicable . the other types of knowledge is not exactly  knowledge , its a way of doing things that we cannot really express in clear and direct  language .

Thou they are plenty of other choices than reading a book of phillosphy , i mean  other way of passing time which is always more easier  to do . But once you make a decision to be educated because you want to be free , fear less , and achieve a state of peace .

It is a lot easier to get distracted by watching T V or movies on you-tube than read  from a great mind who can actually help us to make a better decision  for our future . I had to develop the habits of reading for one hour in the morning or more and read before i go to bed which bring me to self knowledge which is a particular way is freedom .

So education on the other hand can be freedom but – knowledge and self knowledge  in particular is freedom .


About Victoria Boer

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