Avoid The Unlucky And Unhappy — INFECTION

The first  time i came across the idea of unlucky and unhappy was about tow years ago as i was reading from the law of power by Robert Green . Weve not been taught how certain human behaviours can have a negative impact in our life . The unlucky  and unhappy generally label themselves  that way to get attention and power .

You can die from someone else misery .Emotional l states   are  as infectious as disease . One of the rule of universe is to help other s . but not to be enslave by their problems Helping others feel good but you need understand the principle that guide against  the unlucky and unhappy .

The unlucky can be infectious we all go through misfortune and often being brought down by circumstances beyond our control , these deserves all the help  and symphaty  we can give them . But they are other who are not born by mis fortune or unhappiness but who draw it upon themseoves by their destructive habits . it will be a good thing to raise them up and change their  pattern .   More than not its thier pattern that end up getting inside and changing – Dont get close too much to them and always maintain  your  ground and distance .

I need you to understand that this is a game of power , the people you associate with are critical . If you hang around too long with sad people you become sad .  The answer is to judge people on the effects they  have on the world . .

There are people who attract happiness to themselves by their good nature . natural buoyancy and intelligence They are source of pleasure – you must find this people and associate with them . Never associate with those who share your defects because they will ree niforce everything that holds you back . Always associate  with people who will lift you up . Make this  a rule of life you will benefits more than all the therapy  in the world and thank you for reading .

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