Few Signs To Spot A Toxic Relationship

Realtion ship is the core centre of our life , just like our brain . we all deserve to have  relationship  built on trust love and mutual respect . Give yourself also the opportunity to cultivate one . Good or happy relatiinn ship is good for the cells of the body , it nourishes everyone involve  and chances to grow . Quality relationships are the ones that pushes you past your limitations , always happy for your success  and take care of responsibilty

Our mental health will also be affected by the type of relationship we have . Ive had few  of bad friends in my life , very toxic and lead me to a total  darkness  but i used it as an opportunity to identify  my own growth  and whats missing and work a lot on cultivation a good relationship withe  the people around me . Here are the few sign to spot a toxic ones

A toxic relationship is not always easy to recognise , it can feel good at first , then slowly but surely , becomes toxic that we dont recognise ourselves anymore .When a relationship become based on needs instead of want then its no longer enjoyable . – need signifies that someone cannot manage without you and sadly most realtionshpis are like that .

Do you feel worse after  spending time with them ?

Have they ever threatened to hurt you physically or emotionally ?

Do they ask you for a lot of favours ?

Do you struggle to make decision  without them ?

Do they repeatedly put you down ?

Do they discourage you on doing things on your  own ?

Have they ask to borrow money and not paid it back ?

Have you found out they were talking badly about you behind your back ?

If you answer more than  one to these questions  then you are in a toxic relationship







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