Few Signs to Spot a Toxic Relationship

Relationships are the core centre of our lives, just like our brain. We all deserve to have relationships built on trust love and mutual respect; also give yourself the opportunity to cultivate one. Good or happy relationships are good for the cells of the body, it nourishes everyone involved and gives chances to grow. Quality relationships are the ones that pushes you past your limitations, always happy for your success and take care of responsibility.

Our mental health will also be affected by the type of relationship we have. I’ve had a few bad friends in my life, very toxic and have led me to total darkness. Yet, I have used it as an opportunity to identify my own growth and realise what’s missing and work a lot on cultivating a good relationship with the people around me.

A toxic relationship is not always easy to recognise, it can feel good at first, then slowly but surely, becomes so toxic that we don’t recognise ourselves anymore. When a relationship becomes based on need instead of wanting then it’s no longer enjoyable. Need signifies that someone cannot manage without you, and sadly a lot of relationships are like that.

Here are 8 signs to spot a toxic relationship:

  1. Do you feel worse after spending time with them?
  2. Have they ever threatened to hurt you physically or emotionally?
  3. Do they ask you for a lot of favours?
  4. Do you struggle to make decision without them?
  5. Do they repeatedly put you down?
  6. Do they discourage you on doing things on your own?
  7. Have they asked to borrow money and not paid it back?
  8. Have you found out they were talking badly about you behind your back?

If you answer more than one to these questions, then you are in a toxic relationship.







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