Taking Risks

Seriously I have never thought much about taking risks because I think that’s what most people do. Whilst I have grown on playing competitive sports, so risk taken has been living with me for a very long time. I always have a hard time explaining to people that the outcome doesn’t really matter but the process and getting better is the most important thing, but I guess I’m wrong.

For instance, when I tell people that I won a business which I don’t see as a big deal then, they start to see all the risk involve rather than the growth involved. I also learned that at the universities where I have talked to students on entrepreneurships or business, they all know what they want to do, but are not equipped with taking risk.

Taking risk is a loosening up on the known and the certain and safety to reach out for something you are not entirely sure of, but that according to your best evaluation will work. Sometimes you think you know where you are going to land but you are not always certain.

Many people do not want to take a risk until they know everything is perfect; their ego will not let them. Ego is always a barrier to any risk taker. They sit back and wait for the perfect moment, perfect time – the problem with this approach is that it never comes.

When I started with my studio (Victoria Boer Studio), I had no idea what would happen, but I have the altitude and the belief that it’s going to work; and it’s working!

Take note: the company you keep matters because most people that cannot take risk will do anything and everything to talk you out of it.

I have lived the life of planning, thinking, jumping, calculating and it has paid off. Please do whatever you want and is close to your heart, evaluate and take a baby step.

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