Complaining Is A No

Complaining is not one of those things that is hard to refrain from unless you are really working on the habits of no complaining . We must be really aware and pay attention to our daily habits to stop complaining . I once attended a workshop where the teacher gave us a runner band or a jar , we either put money in the jar or stretch the runner band to hit us every time we find ourselves complain ing

What ive learned it some people might even put up a fight if you dont let them complain . Its not an seay thing not to complain because it make the complainer feel good , complaining is reacting to the pain we are already feeling and in a negative way .

Complaining suck the air out of a new possibilities that may appear in the present moment . , it drag things down into a depressive mode and leave us drain . It doesnt let you see the new opportunity in front of you . Its easier to get stuck into complaining and blame circumstances or other people for our problems but it will sink us more into darkeness .

When we stop to complain . we began to see every situation as an opportunity , we shift our perception and we accept the miracle of seeing things in a different way rather than stuck in the old way that never works .

Generally people tend to want to complain , that doesnt mean you allow people to walk over you or let them impose their problem on you, but complaining is different from standing for ourselves , if someone try to steal our energy then we speak up . Complaning is a low frequency energy , the ones that never work anything .

What you can do is observe and be aware of the energy around you – if you allow people to complain , it will drain the hell out of you – always change the conversation to weather or to sport .

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