Budgeting Creativity

It took me a while to get this as a neccesity  , all i know is if i feel well , i perform well . Creativity is an ongoing process in our life ites really the most important product . If our creativity  slips , everything in our life will slips . I protect my creativity like a child , i tend to nuture it to my own satisfaction and you shoulld  also learn to do the same with yours

Creativity is in all of us , its not a magic things , Whenever im talking  about creativity people assume im talikng about some kind of invention or sky rocket . Its about what motivate you to perform on a high level  . what nourish  your brain and body to perform and express better feelings and energy . Things that put your body in an anabolic position and make you a better person .

Watch what happens in your life when as you spend more money on your creative expression , you will see your creativity and your money supply will increase  dramatically you will think possibility rather than impossibilty .  For example to celebrate my accomplishment  during the week , i tend to drink a glass  of very expensive champagne  a sunday afternoon while watching football . .

Now im going to get myself 2 pairs of really good trainers , one for running and other for training – its my way of nourishing my creativity  . . Set money aside in your budget to enhance your creativity . What matters is that you a place a priority n your creativity and support that priority with your pocket book


About Victoria Boer

Meet Victoria who has helped hundreds of women & men to shift fat from their abs, hips and butts!
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