Budgeting Creativity

It took me a while to get this as a necessity, all I know is if I feel well, I perform well. Creativity is an ongoing process in our life and it’s really the most important product. If our creativity slips, everything in our life will slips. I protect my creativity like a child, I tend to nurture it to my own satisfaction, and you should also learn to do the same with yours.

Creativity is in all of us, it’s not a magic thing. Whenever I’m talking about creativity people assume I’m talking about invention or skyrockets. It’s about what motivates you to perform on a high level, what nourishes your brain and body to perform and express better feelings and energy. Things that put your body in an anabolic position and make you a better person.

Watch what happens in your life when as you spend more money on your creative expression, you will see your creativity and your money supply will increase dramatically you will think possibility rather than impossibility.  For example, to celebrate my accomplishment during the week, I tend to drink a glass of very expensive Champagne on a Sunday afternoon while watching football.

Now I’m going to get myself 2 pairs of really good trainers, one for running and another for training. it’s my way of nourishing my creativity. Set money aside in your budget to enhance your creativity. What matters is that you a place a priority on your creativity and support that priority with your pocketbook.

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