How To Negotiate With Anyone

Someone told me long time ago , a very briiliant man – an economist says everything is negotiable, because  the rules was set by someone and it can be reset as long as both parties will benefits .Most people say yes when they mean no . For example  negotiation should  always take place on the side where the higher value is . Negotiation is not about what you own but what value you can provide .

Here are few ideas that will help you negotiate better .

If negotiation is not easy , then walk away –  It means you need to work harder  to develop more value .

Infinite  Patience – if you can have infinite patience , then the negotiation will works – – know that infinite patience brings immediate results . We dont know what the result will be but it infinite patience  means whatever happen next will take place according to plan your goal is to structure your life and business and opportunities so that you can always have that infinite patience .

Negotiate with your heart – I provide services for people . An execptional service so i only negotiate with the people i like . Whats  the point of living other wise .And on a bigger scale there is no point of selling a service to someone you dont like or going destroy your energy level .

At the end both sides will feel remorse . Both sides will be unhappy and then they will die at some point . So a bad negotiation is a cancer for the soul . Every day every interaction is a negotiation . just because you ve signed a seal contract doensnt meant you  cant break it , its called choose yourself .

Ive read lots of books on negotiation , for the past 12 years , ive witness how bad negotiation  ruins peoples life . . Always have it in mind that you can renegotiate .





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