Introverted or Extroverted – Understanding Yourself

We all need space and to have a healthy psyche or ego in relationship – you must fully understand your psyche. You might be an introvert who is in a relationship with an extrovert. I realised most of my friends are extroverts; they like to have someone around and I’m the opposite, I don’t mind people around but at a certain time I want then gone – but I do love people.

The part of the work of being healthy is to know your authentic psychological type and then making choices. The trick is to find a balanced way of asserting and staying true to ourselves. For example, an introverted person needs a lot of distance when it comes to affection, they need to give you the signal for closeness on their own terms without pressure. When it comes to extroverts, you simply need to show them that you are on their side.

It’s just a matter of understanding and to be an adult in any kind of relationship needs constant exploration of individual changes. My partner is extroverted most of the time which is kind of cool because I don’t really need someone to be around. Another important thing is to pay attention to your energy and focus.

Both parties must be a source of nurturing for each other and share feelings with each other. In a relationship this opposing style can lead to conflict. I’ve also learned that some people are so deeply and extremely introverted they are better off not being in a relationship. The key is it to find what you really are for the sake of your success in life and energy so that you don’t compromise your lively energy.

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