Thriving in Yourself

After many years of struggling and defeats, I came to realise one simple element and importance of thriving within other people is to first thrive in yourself. If you learn to thrive in yourself first, then you can thrive among others. Your physical self, a tough mental state follows a well-conditioned physical body.

Religious teachings emphasised that the highest state in any human being is to care for his or her body, and this even takes highest plane over spiritual quest. As an athlete I understand the mental stimulation we need to play on the highest level, it’s not a joke but it helps us in the overall aspect of life. Put in a simple way, without the body nothing can be achieved in the physical world.

You can simply put it this way, the foundation to a successful life is being physically fit. No matter what age, through good exercise and a good diet – A sharp mental state will follow.

You don’t have to conquer others; you only need to be tough within yourself.  Keep working on yourself, it become easier to thrive in others.

About Victoria Boer

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