Follow These Five Tips To Lose Weight

Weight loss is always a minor adjustment away if you really want to. Most people tell me they want to lose weight but deep down they just want to eat the energy of the person they are talking  to; that’s why when people start going to the gym with good intentions, they are replacing one habit and picking another bad one. The most important piece of advice I can give you is to persuade you to eat fewer highly salted and sweetened processed foods, especially the low or no fat synthetic foods which are full of unhealthful chemical additives and less nutritional value to your body.

A few years back, I used to eat a lot of knacker brot but I was always hungry because it has no satisfying in my brain cells, then as I started to work on the nutrition part of my life I discovered that healthy fats are harmony to my body and keep my body and brain healthy. Here are the tips that will really work for you:

  1. Drink water – always drink water. Constantly pre-hydrate and don’t wait till you are really fatigued from dehydration
  2. Never eat after 7.30 pm or your pituitary gland will not secrete your growth hormones to burn fat and build muscle; you can snack on fruits like apples and nuts and you will sleep like a baby
  3. Never go more than 3 hours without eating a meal or snack, and have some protein with your meal
  4. Eat all your greens steamed. Avoid processed high dense carbs, use extra virgin olive oil to steam your vegetables and carbohydrate
  5. Always eat before you feel hungry, so that you won’t binge. Consuming green drinks before a meal helps satisfy hunger
  6. Sleep 8.5 to 9 hours every day in a total dark room with no light contamination. Try to go to sleep as soon after sundown as possible
  7. Don’t forget the excess fat in your food is stored directly as body fat. The composition of stored fat in your body is like the fat in your diet
  8. Exercise three to four times weekly but a very structure-based exercise that will enhance your overall performance and wellness. Exercise in the morning or and the earlier the better Be sure to do 15 to 30 mins of a wide variety of intense exercise without compromising your body. If you exercise in the evening then go to bed, you lose most of the fat loss effect, because sleep causes your metabolic rate and body temperature to decline.

This is a very good approach to weight loss, and I have gone back to it many times with highly effective result.


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