Care for Thyself

One of the best ways to increase patience and energy for other people is to care first for ourselves. Before we receive care from others or give it to them freely, we must be in touch with our own inner drive by first caring for ourselves. I’ve always had the assumption that we should all know how to care for ourselves, but I was wrong. I guess I had what a good coach called imposter syndrome.  It makes me happy to care and nurture people, but my own care always comes first.

Better self-care is the foundation of all personal development, spirituality – many people neglect themselves by being busy trying to keep up managing everything. Thrown away and please others that we tend to care for ourselves last. That’s why many people are dehydrated, overweight, and stressed out. Its time you start caring for yourself, to care better and bigger capacity to loving and caring for your loved one without being overweight and full of anxiety.

Caring for yourself increases your empathy level, you become calmer and nicer to be around. You should start caring about what you think, what you want, what you need, and have a plan and routine that allow you to care for yourself. Here is what I will suggest:

  • Schedule Sleep – Train the kids and the people around you that you need 8 hours minimum of sleep
  • Exercise 3 day weekly or more – never go 3 days without exercising
  • Drinking lots of water – You should be drinking more than 3 litres of water daily – I’ve seen this over and over how dehydrated people are. Dehydration is the cause of many illnesses in the western world.

As simple as this strategy is, you might be shocked at its result – Give it a try.



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