Creativity Is Discipline

Creativity isnt just about ideas , its about physical  form . , the ideas is the spark that you think about , having an idea for a meal or a book isnt creativity its just a thought , writting the book or making the meal and put it on a plate is creative expression . Real creativity always end up with something . Real creativity is discipline  . Most people tells  me they are not creative , well they are wrong because we are all born with a creative  mind but we need to express our creativity ,  without the expression  ,and discipline nothing will come to play .

Most people lose their ability to create due to an enviroment  that doesnt support their ideas . One of the greatest way to activate creativity is to create more and share more , share your work with others , your ideas with others , get feed back from people you work with . either negative or positive . You will become better at creating .

Dont  let the judgement of others hold your creativity . I  had a difficulty when i started writting my blog , most people look for my mistake , the spelling error , because  i speak other european languages , it was really confusing but i stuck to it and got better and create better . I stuck to the creativity .

Every artist , inventor , writer , start with one idea then break it  , shape it , then gradually will discover something within him or herself . Thats how creatvity emerge .But this might sound like common sense but its not a common practise because many people give up and thats why they are terribly uncreative .

The point of being creative is to follow yourself , expressing yourself to lead you to  something magnificent than you ever imagine . Finally dont keep creativity to yourself and it turns out that the best way to activate creativity is to share more . Most importantly start telling more stories about what fascinate you in the world .

About Victoria Boer

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