Make People Feel Valuable

I’m sure you already know this – people needs to feel valuable, from a waiter, to a porter at your biggest departmental store or a club. It’s unbelievable how people respond to someone that make them feel important. Personally, I don’t think people should compete for feeling important. When you make people feel important you give them a gift – some people need it more than others its different from making them feel felt or interesting because you touch them in an even deeper way when you make someone feel valuable.

We all have the potential to make people feel important – it has nothing to do with manipulating or giving false compliments that are short lived. Being engaging in a conversation without your thoughts wandering is a sign of emotional IQ and you are telling this person that he or she is very valuable in some way.

I was reading a business book where most managers of a corporate company need to learn to make employees feel valuable and this contributes to high performance at the end of the year. If your emotional IQ is high, you will find a way to show the people you value – parents, children, a partner, a boss, a client, a key co-worker how much they matter.

I’m always saying make other people look good, it will always make you more valuable and make both parties important to each other. Even go out of your way and make the annoying people in your life important. The answer is that this high maintenance people constantly need to feel important because they feel they don’t feel special or the world is not treating them right. Every day they try to impress or overpower the people around them and every day they fail.

They are craving for attention and if they cannot find it in a good way then they look for a bad way. No wonder we have people doing crazy things to get attention. Personally, the best way you can make people feel important is to deeply engage and tell them they matter.  So, the moral is the good people in your life need and deserve reassurance that they are valued. Give people what they want even, the annoying people they will give you want you need.



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