Helping Others Improve Their Lives Will Help You Improve Yours

I read a book few years back- Thou shall prosper . from Daniel Rabbi LAPIN . it a very simple straight forward but challenging book  about our mindset regarding prosperity i believe  helping people wil always take you forward , maybe because i value community , people more than money .I talked to almost everyone in my local areas, shop , etc . Its amazing how people open up and start  to share one thing or the other .

Helping others doenst have to be monetary – people reflect your behaviour back to you . The more you help others , the more others want to help you . Being a little bit nicer   in each interaction may result in a net work of broad and strong connections over time . Finding geniue friendships in others is not sufficient , you must be master of some way to help others , it dosent matter  if you dint get anything in return .

For example if someone asked me for a favour of wrtting a programm to travel with or help officiate  a tennis match or actually play a tennis match – well i could  do other things with my time like watching a football match on TV or watching amovie on netflix . Instead  i could help the person out and ignore my own desire of doing other things with my time which i cherish  above any other things . The list  of things we can help people  with goes on but thats just an example .

Another way is to listen to someone who is really in distress . who needs someone to talk to without judgement . So life is a miracle provided you have many friends and provided everyone  knows what everyone  else does best . This of course is the value of advertising This wisdom  has brought lots of success to my life and help  me connecting with winners in life . Do this for 30 days and see how your life will change .


About Victoria Boer

Meet Victoria who has helped hundreds of women & men to shift fat from their abs, hips and butts!
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