Keep Your Identity Small

Having defined habits is essential to building a good life, but as we progress on to the new identity those same beliefs can hold you back from going to the next level. I’m always reminding myself that I’m taking things to the next level, which is not always an easy thing to do. But here is what I’ve observed, we need to break away from the old identity by breaking a belief that will hold us back.

Your identity creates a kind of a pride that encourage you to deny your weak spots and prevent you from truly growing. Sometimes our identity keeps us from accepting our weak spots, it’s important to be open minded if you want to get ahead in life, business, health and relationships. The more you let a single belief define you, the less capable you are of adapting when life is challenging you.

We see this all the time, a schoolteacher who ignores innovative teaching methods and sticks with her tired and tested lesson plans. A vegetarian who develops a health condition that my end his life if he doesn’t make a bit of a switch. The experienced surgeon who dismisses the idea of a young colleague. The parents who dismiss the golden ideas of their children on how to do things faster.

So, the key to mitigate those lost identities is to redefine yourself so that you keep the important part of your identity even if the roles you play changes.

I’m an athlete becomes ”I’m the type of person who is mentally tough and loves a physical challenge.”

“I’m a musician who now educates and love to see other people singing.”

I’m a CEO becomes “I’m the type of person who builds and create things.”

The best way is to keep on reviewing how your identity and habits change. A lack of self-awareness is poison. Please be aware.

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