Movement Not Muscle – Health and Beauty

I love working out! I’ve played sports and have been working out all my life. I hate injury as much as any professional athlete or weekend warrior, which brings me to the subject of movement which is ignored by most people.

I like to coach movement; I usually advise my clients never to skip warm up – I mean mobility warm up doesn’t matter how much time you have. If you have 10 mins to strength train, always do 5 mins mobility, you will thank your body the whole day.

One of the biggest reasons to focus on movement is to reduce aches and pains; the reason you get aches and pains after working out is because your body lacks mobility and has restriction, means you are not moving well. For many years, dermatologist have noticed that the skin of acne sufferers seems to age more slowly than the skin of the lucky few who do not suffer from acne, the typical sign of aging such as wrinkles and thinning skin appear later in acne patients.

Honestly, I still understand what causes muscle to grow. What begin to happen when you don’t move well, when you focus only on muscles is Rather than being body, soul and spirit you end up with out of proportion  body , bid biceps , pecs , triceps, quads even though most people don’t work their  quads – hope you get the point .

Fat loss is an all-out war – it’s not a lifestyle choice, it’s a battle. For you to win the battle you’ve got to start with movement then the muscle will appear. Work the movement.

Here’s my list of exercise that improve vitality and movement:

  • Horizontal push – push up
  • Explosive full boy – Kettle bell swing
  • Deadlift –
  • Rotational torque – like med ball slam
  • Anterior chain- Med ball abdominal throw

As you can see you need movement, focus to execute these exercises properly.

Good luck and thanks for reading.

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