Make Your Cells Happy – the Pillar of the Body

Your body is always a total reflection of what’s going on in your mind. if you are walking around with a tired body, overweight and lack of awareness it’s very difficult for you to be alive and happy. Most people walk around with a dead state of mind. Being happy though is not just a state of mind but state of the body, in fact our bodies are designed to support our happiness. Without a strong body you are giving in to a weak mind.

When we are happy, we are alive and buzzing. Sadly, most people are in denial of their feelings or through lack of awareness of what’s going on in their bodies. There are no drugs powerful than most of what you already have in your head. Your brain contains a veritable pharmacy of natural happiness called endorphins – the brain’s natural pain killer, which is three times stronger than morphine. Serotonin which naturally calms anxiety and relives depression, oxytocin – the bonding hormone, and dopamine which promotes alertness and feelings of enjoyment among others.

All these hormones are just waiting to be released into every organ, and if they stagnate then you become very unhappy. This is one of the major reasons that people are hooked to painkillers, video games, drugs, food, sex, anything that will help them release these hormones into their organs.

You can create your own supply of happiness hormones at any time you want. When your cells are happy, you are happy.  Your thought, feelings, food and environment also have an influence on your cells. You need to strengthen the pillars within the body by nourishing your body.  Most people will only take on exercise or diet when doctors recommend it. I mean I’m glad I grew up in a sports background, but I also have my own challenges.

Your cells will become happier when your body is nourished. When you eat fresh whole foods and by having a balanced system – your hormones will be happy. When you drink plenty of water and energise your body.  Don’t take my word for it, if you have been feeling unhappy lately, check your food, environment, your thoughts and your words.

Do this for 30 days and you will experience a whole different world.

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