Few Things Sports Taught Me About Productivity

When you play a competitive sport, its either you are productive, or you become a loser. You see most people watching can never understand what you are going through, the discipline you must attain and the mindset that follows it. Every day is a battle, and that your competitive streak must be obvious otherwise you become a loser.

Here are the 4 lessons playing tennis competitively has taught me…


In modern society, we all feel like we must be doing and pacing and fitting in everything; being anxious, stressed, waiting for doors to open. Rest when you have nothing to do, this will prepare you for another battle when you are ready to continue. For me it is great to just rest and be happy and not move when you don’t have to. Those doors will eventually open.


Be a good compassion person is something we develop over the years; someone said to me that most people are not good people, I still don’t understand why people tend not to be good. If you keep on doing what you don’t like, I think this make people become bad overtime. It takes practise to become a person of compassion and honesty. Sadly, most people spend 1000s of hours being a jerk around others. If all you do is put a small kindness out there, then the universe will reward you.


When it comes to productivity – I’ve never seen a sick and out of shape person who is productive. The thing is most people think they can get away with bad health but it’s a lie because when you are sick your thoughts will be stupid. You can’t get rid of it, you are in pain, and pain take up your mind and precludes you from doing the thing you like to do.


When issues arise, which they will undoubtedly do, use it as an opportunity to practise being open minded. Be willing to be open minded and look at why the other side think the way they do.

Thanks for reading this blog.

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