Here isHow My Life Can Benefits Yours

I came across a book from Leil Lowes few years back when i was searching for how to describe my proffesion to people when i met them without complicating myself . I just want differentiate myself from the majority , It turns out that i need to learn how to talk to anyone . You can be a genius of your skills but without knowing how tell people you can benefits them , you can be undervalue yourself . People want to know how you can be of benefits  to them . Simple .

On my searching  , i realised that i need to make a benefits statement  . A friend of mine was out of work , he applied for two positions , one was for sales manger and the other was in a  law firm . Did he sent the same resume to each ? Absolutely not . For the same manger job , he highlighted his experience turning a samll company around by doubling its sales for three years .

For the law firm he underscore working in europe as an apprentice and winning cases were high . The two firm started bidding agist each other , the whole point is eveytiime someone ask you for your job , give a calculated oral resume . Before you submit your answer , consider what possible interest the asker could have in you and your work

When people what i do , i say i help people look younger , energetic , through a specific kind of exercise . I dont just say personal trainer . Whenever i give a statement  benefit , i can see the interest t go high and it open up to a bigger conversation which   sometime lead to closing a client .

For example – dont hairdresser – say you specialize in flexible hair  style for busness executive

Martial art – Dont say martial art , say i help people defend themselves .

Putting benefits statement  in your verbal resume bring your job to life and make it memorable .

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2 Responses to Here isHow My Life Can Benefits Yours

  1. Festus says:

    Excellent advice. We all need people’s skills as different approaches are required for different situations. No one size fits all.


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