The Thief Of Peace And Serenity Killer

In your daily life , you will come across people who want to steal your peace and kill your creativty , make your intelligent and body dull . . you will run into this type of person around every corner .These people are not neccessarily cunning or ruthless , or real threat to your career or personal objectives . They are just externally annoying .

They  usually operate by thriving on their own inferiority . They are not really happy until they strike a fire with someone because of their low self esteem issue . even thou people are nice to them . On the other  hand they play up to people who treat  them like dirt and mean to people who are good to them .

These serenity stealers are people to be avoided . They complain even when things are going well . Life put them in a place they resent because they feel it beneath them

I used to have a friend  who was a serenity  stealer . at the time i couldnt figure out what i knew now . I thought  i was being kind and nice but after few meetings with her my energy will be low and i will feel really drained untill i made a  decison to spend little  time with her then i noticed that she cannot help herself , she must eat other people peace of mind to survive . They cannot help themselves Their actions are involuntary , they will steal into your   confidence , hear , with their sweet charming exterior .Its important to interact with them by  keeping  them at arm length .

By not playing to their  manner , they will respect you and solicit your friendship . They will eventually transfer their troublesome energy to someone else .

About Victoria Boer

Meet Victoria who has helped hundreds of women & men to shift fat from their abs, hips and butts!
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