Fitness is different From Health

The issue of health , longetivity and happiness impact every other goals .Its important to know these before you commited to the  next pull  ups goals or sign up with a personal trainer in your gym .Knowing the different between health and fitness goals may seems confusing and it is . . The first thing is being healthy is totally different from being fit

Fitness is simply ability to perform  a task . because you wake up and go to work in the morning   doenst mean you are healthy .,the idea that health and fitness are the same . They are not , and when you confuse them you really start down the wrong road . Most people are coming from the fixed mindset regarding  their heath and fitness ,

Health is something that can always get  a little better . Health is something  measure by blood teat , you might be depressed with some psycological issue and look fit . health  is something  measure by longetivity    an d the lack of bad health  Health is not illness

Tumors and fainting , high blood pressure , depressions are not sign of good health  Health is something  we mostly take for granted untill we dont . If you can do 100 pull ups or run a marathon , but you have some cancer lurking inside your body , you are fit for a task but are not healthy . The issues are separate but often impact one another .

Here are few rules ive learnt  for health —

Dont smoke

Wear your sit bellt

Learn to fail  and recover

eat more fiber

Drink more water

Take fish oil capsules

Keep your joints healthy

Floss your teeth

Eta more protein

Buil;d muscle

Breath deeply

Thank  you for reading


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