The Cost Of Settling

Every thing in life has its own cost – from eating unhealthy food to a bad relationship , we always has tp pay for it . Not long ago i met with a friend i hadnt see for over 5 years . I was shocked inside when i saw her Her faced was drawns , haggerd and inflammed , she looked ten years older than the vibrant 38 years  old i remembered  from before .

I expressed  my concern and ask her what shes been going through . She said shes been haven struggles in her marriage , but eventually got them straightened out . i was skeptical with her answer because it doensnt seems so .A happy marital life doenst seemes to wear you out and looking really haggered  and drained .

i asked her how she solved the problems , she said she lowered her expectations .and decided to settle for less .that she ever wanted . Being the kind of person im , i shared my diaspprove with her and pointed out that it looked like it ws causing  her stress but she defended her decision . . I felt sad and i think if i was uncousiously doing the same thing in areas of my life .

I discovered that in life we need to expand and not contrast – people generally have low expectation so be careful who you share your gaols and ambition with ,, they might get you  settle for their ego purpose .

Pause to reflect in the key ares of your life . Are you settling for less ? Are their other ways you can approach those ares without compromising your values ?

Thank you for reading .




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