Embrace Tough Love

Every time you confront something painful , you are at a potentially important junction  in your life . Reality is not so easy to con front but it makes us better and better . – you also have the opportunity to choose health painful or comfortable dellusion that will come back   later to bite you in a big way .

In my own life , what i want to give people is power to deal with reality , thats why i make lots of vides , writting this blog , hiring coaches to help  me with my own weaknesses so that few years from now on i will be a different person . Tough love equal discipline and compounded th in lour life . . i n pursuit of my own goal to give people strength , i will often deny them what they want .

You cannot always do what people like for them . it put them in a weakness position . This can be difficult for people emotionally , even if they understand intellectually .that having difficulties is the exercise they need to grow strong . and that just given them what they want will weaken them and ultimaltely  lead them needing more help .

In my personal training studio i I always emphasize clients to exercise on their own , even if its a crappy workout . The point is not the workout , its the empowerment for them to face the pain by themselves . ,Most l importantly you cannot have someone to recuse you all the time .

Of course most people will prefer not to have weaknesses , well thats is dellusional because we all have weaknesses . Our up bringing  has conditioned  us to be embarrassed  . I urged you not to be embarrase  , Ask for help , and embrace the pain , it might not be pleasant but you will come out stronger . Also it will you break your bad habits and develop good ones and acquire  strengths and optimism .



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