Choose Your Habits Well

Habits is the most t powerful tools in our brain , our habits determines how our life will shape up , sadly we tend to ignore the impact  good or bad habits have in our life . Its nor so easy to break from bad habits and not so easy to form a new one .Our habits control our actions . If you do just about anything frequently overtime , you form an habits .

Lately ive watching a netflix programm in i language , like spanish , turkish and portuguese and suddenly i realised that i was forming an habits of looking for a prgrammed based on these  shows . . There are different between good habits and bad habits , the good habits are the ones that get you to upper level you   and the bad habits are the ones that are controlled by lower level you .

You can create a better  sets of habits  if you understand how this part of the brain works .For example you can develop an habits that will make you need to eat healthy foods only no matter what circumstances , or the ones that makes you workout .

Developing this skills take some works . some psycollogy says if you stick to habits more than 30 days it will work but im not sure  about this , in my view  it takes more than 30 days to make an habits really works for you . A recent studies suggest if you stick with a behaviour for approxemately 18 months , you will build a tendency to stick with it neraly  for ever

For a long time i didnt really understand how habits control peoples behaviour untill i turned to neuroscience and watched the habits of people around me how they are destroyed by their habits including me . . Habits put your brain into ‘ auto pilot unless .you create some awareness in your daily behaviour . . The most important habits ive aqquired is using  pain to trigger  success and figure out outcome . If you can stick to pain you will become more stronger and stronger .

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