Its The Performance , Not the Hours, Stupid

Most people are routine workers – not remarkable . few years back when i  trained clients at the commercial gyms i experienced lots of low worker performance and their  atitiude regarding  their work . , and because of my background as an athlete , i coundnt figure it out why someone will want to spend lots of time on a job that coukd take few minutes . . .

We all perform various role on the stage of our life , but those roles should be different expression of our best self . Our performance  matter and the can have a powerful impact on those around us . For example i would rather coach a clients for 30 mins or less based on the value im providing not the time they are spending with me . I dont like people relating with me based on the time rather than the value and how i make them feel .

Most of the value i add to people are not really visible but they can feel it and this what i call performance not the hours .Times and work have changed . recent  studies confirmed that knowledge workers have about six good hours of hard mental labour . and anything after that affect the performance  and nervous system which  make people dull and stupid

They also make mistake s that they never make if they d never make if they were rested and fixing those mistake they loger because they are fried . It so impirtant for focus on learning new way to improve your skills and knowledge without overworked your nervous system .

Change is hard , but they are dark spots in these bright spots . If i asked people in your life to describe e your performance , what will they say /as a boss, a mom and a family member to use one word to describe your performane in life . What word will they use ?

You need to think  about your life and work as a performance Not just a routine

Will people  use a world like , incredible , amazing , exrtra-ordnary , excellent great

Remember  if your performance  is good , you will always get a raise . at work . .  And ti increase performnace means  , wake up and study in your filed  3 hours daily . Its all about value not time .


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