Practise Tolerating silence

Most of us are used to having lots of noise surrounding us everyday . , The less  you talk , the more happier you become . Ive been practising the art of talking  less for about 2 years  i usually remain silence after 7 pm , i dont say a word to anyone even my partner – you need educate people around you when you are making changes in your life .  Silence makes you mentally strong and by the time you speak , you are saying something useful .

People actively seek out the hustle and hustle to prevent them selves from being alone with their thoughts . .For example , do you or someone you know fall asleep with a TV or radio  on or their computer , phone by their side . Trying to drown out your thoughts by bombarding yourself with constant noise isnt healthy ,  Building a few minutes qiuet into your day will recharge your batteries .

You can use the alone time to –

REFlect  ON YOUR GOALS – – i personally like the advice of people eho spent time on their won . because  they will come up with good ideas .

PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR FEELINGS – Most people like to suppress feelings by stimulant or other addictive stuff , it will sink you more deeper.  Check in with yourself about how you re feeling mentally and emotionally . . Think about your sress level , Evaluate whether you are taking good enough  care of yourself and think about anyway you could improve your life .

SET GOALS FO FUTURE –  Dont stop dreaming about what you want – have a plan to make it happen . work  smart and get good advice .

STAY HEALTHY – healthy people tend to go far in life . To stay healthy requires discipline  and  hang around healthy people . seek out healthy people and pick their habits .

SCHEDULE DATE WITH YOURSELF – This is my favourite .  For me , my alone time is a choice . and i always come out refreshing and happier .

Most of  these ideas are not really easy to do but with time and practise it gets easier .


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