Hang Out With Positive People

If you wish to be succesful in your life , at work , socialising   you need to be aware that they are two groups  of people to hang out with , First  they are those who lift you up with positive  energy and enthtiastic  and they are those  who complain  , defend a d drain you . I dont like hanging with defensive or complainer because they  are like toxic to my soul .

The other set of people are people who make excuses for themselves and other people . The moaners and complainer will only bring you down to their level of inactivity . So most times , your level of happiness depend on the people you hang with .

So , be selective and hang out with people who see life as exciting , challenge , worth wresting to the ground and having fun with .Not with people who are always out of sorts but people woth interesting point of view who makes you feel good talking to them , who have positive things to say or suggest .

The worls is a happy place – depends on your point of view . If i dont find someone positive to talk to  i stay at home , watch a good movie , drink good expensive wine or go play golf . Thou , there are times when someone just have a bad day , – we all have those  .

The fact is you should be honestly  be someone that feel enthutisatic  , make people rise to every challenge . make people laugh and smile  and feel great about themselves . . No point hanging out with people who dont make you feel good unless you like being down .

Want to learn more on positivity  mindset and abundance thinking . send me a message or leave me a comment .

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