Walk Slowly , But Never Backward

Most of the time when we speculate about perfection , we dont get anything done . I know people who thinks from perfection before they being with thier project . My personal l training studio was practically empty when i started  training clients  , in fact there was no heating but i kept walking  slowly .its easy to get bogged down trying to find a the optimal plan for change , the fastest way to lose weight , the best programm to build muscle and the perfect idea for side muscle .

We are so focused on figuring out the best that approach that we never get around taking action , . Thou there is a difference between being in motion and taking action . Its good to be in motion too but not for too long , Being in motion mean , plannning , startegizing and learning . Those  are all good things but they dont produce result .

I dont discuss soo much changes with people at time  because people are always afraid of changes and unknown . so sometimes  you might want to keep your plan  to yourself but make syre you execute your plan of walking slowly . but never backward .

If motion dont produce result , then why do we do it ? we do it because it give us the feeling that we are doing something . or making progress without running the risk of failure . Most of us are expert at avoidnng critizism  . It doesnt feel good to change or to be judged publicly , so we tend to avoid situations where  that might happen . And thats the biggest reason you slip into motions . .

If you want to master any thing , the key is to start with repetition . Thats exactly what ive done with reading , writting and my ability     to teach strength  training , learning how to cook , writing   ideas and being a better listener .

You dont need to map out the feature of a new habits , you just need to practise .


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