Be Up Around People You Love

You can learn to be upbeat even in an extremely   sad situation . depend on the way you view the world and your state of mind . .Your job as from now on is to be up around the people you love . No more grumbling  , complaining , you can v become the positive ones because you dont know what day other people are having , Most people with mental weakness are not aware of other people feelings . they just like to com[plain .

When asked how are you , say fine or marvellous no matter how crumpy  you feel . some people will start to talk about sickness , thats a turn off . Thats not a good thing to say around people you love .Dont send bad emotions  to people .Learn to say marvellous even if you dont feel it , you will find something positive to say .

In future , right from now you have to become the one who is always positive , always cheerful because right from now on someone has to or everybody will want to end it all . I know you might be thinking how can someone be up lifting other people but it has actually goes both way – it comes back to you . You are re wiring your brain to make things better and it will .

Successful  people, those who understand this are invariabily cheerful . They care more about what people around then are going through than thier own petty problems . I always  want to know whats  wrong because i think positively  and i know there will be solutions .

This is why i always suggested people not to go 3 days without exercising because it protect the brain fro negativity to positivity . So please stop complaining  someone has to lift the burden , lift the spirit Lift the gloom . And be that person .


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