Tell The Truth Or At Least Dont Lie

If you think deep , you will notice and realise  that telling the truth  is not that simple thats why people get defensive , most complaining and blame other people for their circumstances , The moment you start to face reality , then no one to blame than yourself . The truth will not always  be easy when people around you are going to judge you tthe moment you open your mouth to reveal who you are .

An overweight clients of mine doesnt think shes overweight becise of the food she eat , insted she lie and siad oh , i usually forgot to eat – shes been lying to herself for a very long time without aware of it . When people suffer for too long , you can see how long theyve been lying to themselves .

If you will not reveal yourself to others , you cannot reveal yourself to yourself . That does  not only mean you suppress  who you are , , it also mean that so much of what you could be will never be forced by neccesity  to come forward .

If you decide to change your identity and hire someone who has done it before but lack the discipline  to do what they asked you to do , then you are avoiding the truth and lying to yourself that that it will one day get better . This is what happen to most people who hire a trainer to help change their body – they can never stop lying to themselves and they never get better .

If you say no to our boss or spouse or children when it needs to be said , then you transform yourself to someone who says no . If your life is not what it could be then trying telling the truth . – if you feel weak and rejected and confused then trying telling the truth . Most people  stay in a depressive state for a long time because they avoid the truth .

You dont need to tell anyone the truth but tell it to yourself .


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