Avoid Stupid Mistakes

Mistakes happen , accident happen but most accident or mistake is our own doing . Most things we do to ourselves out of ignorance or ego . We required a key sense of preservation and observation to avoid danger . We can  sense danger by smelling and listening  to our surrounding . For example a guy that walk into the weight rooms that lift heavier weight without warming up his nervous is looking for danger . And the accident will eventually happen .

Also most people walk ingnorantly   with thier phone and not paying attention to a side  step unttill  they fall into a side hole on the road and get home with a twisted  ankle  . Those are the kind of mistakes that can be avoided .

We are always multitasking – finding a away to invite pain and suffering into ourselves , buckle up seat belt , Dont drink , text or talk while driving  and be prepared or hypervigilliant .  Devote  a little more attention and energy to risk management in your daily choices so that you can enjoy a happy long life  And pass your superior genes to the next generation .

One of the mistakes is sleeping at the wrong time , which  tends to laed death and bad memory function , decline in cognitive  abillity  and bad behavoiurs . This is not something that i read somewhere  but it happens  me when   idont get enough sleep , the brain automatically want to be rewarded and this leads to bad habits ..



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