Taking Responsibility By Taking Actions

I guess i was lucky as a young girl  frown into a woman  , all i know is taking responsibilty , you see when you play sports proffesionally , taking actions will be immune into your system . You dont need guru or a motivator to talk to you about taking actions , Now im in another life where i need to talk about taking action to people who are very unmotivated or people spending their life passing on responsibilty to another person .

The way i motivate or talk to myself is to attend to the day – but aim at the highest good .Taking actions means at least for me – to be responsible for my actions and be useful for other people . One of the main purpose of this article is be valuable and purposeful  for my reader . Mostly to help people see past their obstacle by being an example .

Like – get started , dont quit – Set your ambitions high , write down your plan . It will alll woark out . , as long as you take actions . I met a woman had an idea if selling fruits to the people on the way to work – I said she can start daily by giving quality 3 peices of fruit standing by the tube station – She took actions on that and 3 years later she has 3 standing kiosk  for the best fruits in her area .

Thats  the way the universe works – you will be rewarded for taking actions . . I invest a lot in my competency , by being better and taking action daily . its not that easy it involves getting mentor .  Personally , im a practical person , also courageous  – you need to find your own way of taking actions but it works . . You can find your own way out of any recession or external event by being more competent .

This is not some positive thinking – you dont have to put on some native american head ress and pray for rain , You need the way you interpret events .

You only overcome fear by taking a baby step .

Message me – and thanks  for reading

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