5 Things Ive Learnt As I got A Year Older

Yesterday i celebrated another birthday . here are some of the hard lessons that can benefits you .  Few months ago , i adopted a new  way of thinking from a very succesful   friends – – that goes like every day i wake up , i remind myself i can not afford to lose . This tactics works , all you need to do is remind yourself .

Mental Health – Our mental health will determine our future – that means you have to keep your body progressively strong . It has nothing to do with being an athlete    or average person 0 its a neccesity

Apologise when you are wrong and be better next time –  You know most people tell me sorry but repeat the same thing , Dont betray yourself , if you say untrue things , if you act out a lie , you weaken your character – if you have a weak character then adversity will mow you down when it appears – so be honest with yourself

Train your glutes –  We do most thing sitting down  Harmmsting injuty is very common , its link to the low back problem – Do ham glute raise and hip thrust to build a body that function and restore your health .  Most exercise people do at the gym has no place in their real life .

Train the glute ham raise – check the form on you tube videos  NOT IG

Focus on hip extension strength  – I ve know a lot of people walking around with stick with a hip replacement – so you have to keep your hips flexible – When your hips  flexors are tight , it create constant t tension and a constant pull on the harmmstring which  is a recipe for tear and back pain .

Help others – People who have lots of energy always hepl other people – invest in your energy and you need energy to grow  stronger – Drink plenty  of water  , you are no good for anyone if you are dehydrated .

And please – do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them .

All these things has happened to me – it has nothing to do with what ive read or some info – it s reality .

Looking for a book for growth

Win or Leran from – john Kavanagh

The book of women – OSHO

Thanks for reading


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