Know The Difference Between Yes And No – Avoid The Paradox

When you encounter opportunities, distraction , and request  for your time and  energy – how do you say no . Success is an energy game and most people dont invest time in growing stronger so they can  become powerful and go further  . If you look around  on the street , people are always stimulant for energy .

The question is to understand how you relax and recharge . . Without these you will be burn  out very fast and less inspiring . Personally i think its best to spend majority of weekly time in a meaniful project and good relationships . But you also want to understand how you best relax . Every one is different .  Most time i stay at home with less interactions with people .  During this time , no email , no phone , and 90 percent off line .

This work really good for me . And if these doesnt happens it makes me miserable  i will be miserable and unfulfilled .So here are few ideas that ive been practising for years that help me to be structure , and enjoy success in my life .

Say yes to legacy work

Say yes to your kind of fun – whatever that is .

Replace toxic friends  with a good book and mentor

Say no to busy work

Say no to things you will do only out of obligation

Say no to friend that only call for favour .

Say no to unneccesray  meetings that doenst leave a deliberate

The point is when you say no to other things , it leaves you time to say yes to more important thing . Without exhaustion .

For more on how to be your best at work, and have energy all day . Email me or leave me a comment .


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