Few ways To Develop The Energy Of Courage

We are all programmed in a different way but you can choose to become anti fragile and resillent by improviing  your  physiollogy and energy of courage . I know some of my old friends who are very fear dominant  will always expect worse in a situation . If you know those kind of people , stop expressing your fear around them . We all have fear but you can develop the energy of courage .

The energy  of fear will always makes you feeling intuitively unsafe , on guard , shrunken . Fear is a negative emotion – Love is a positive emotion . The energy of fear will also  agitate your mood . Understanding the different will allow you to go on  positive side . Its not really easy if your environment  is based on fear .

You need to start with your environment . Getting to know the feel of both emotional energies  will enables you to choose courage more consciuosly . You dont want fear energy ruining your beautiful  body and face . , even if you know the root , .Whenever you are afraid, invoke courage to transform fear , the formula for freedom .

A basic law of emotional   energy is we attract what we are – Fear attract fear , courage attract courage . If you want positivity  coming to you , youve fot to generate it . Lip service wont  do it . Your emotions says a lot about people who appears in your life .

When you feel inspiring , expansive , vitalizing

Uplifts and center

Opens you heart and increases self esteem

Understanding  the emotions will help you attract positive  into your life .

Thou certain  things can be beyond our control , but most of things in life is shaped by out thoughts and behaviour   . But we can work on our energy . You get what you attract .

Im looking for 2 moms who want drop 2 sixe dress and double their energy .

I will personally coach you and understand energy and exercise





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