Be Self Observant

My grandmother once told me to remember  to reflect anytime i experienced pain . . As a youngster my life was full of pain from losing a game or someone tricked me because i was too generous , But pain is a great teacher it means pain – reflection – progress . Becoming self observant will increase your power and ability to deal with your pain properly and equal better decision  .

You become your own mirror . You know , the mirror is a great invention , without it you will commit an error or sins against  beauty . We also need a mirror for our actions . . This can sometimes come from many people telling you what they see in you , but this is not a very trust wortthy method . For example a good friend of mine taught that   an actions i took was the right one , but after reflection on my own , i realised that the action was wrong and i made an effort toward adjusting my actions .

We must be the mirror – training your mind to try to see yourself as other sees you . Are your behaviour  matches  your actions /? Are you trying too hard to please ?

Self observation is the quality that differentiate those who evolve  quickly and those who dont .

Every thing can seems like a lot of work but observation will increase your self power

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